How to better prepare homes for sale

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How to better prepare homes for sale

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 04, 2010 8:45 pm

Tips for Sellers Who Plan to List Their Homes for Sale on the Real Estate Market.

Tip 1)
Fix It Up. If you wish to sell your homes for sale quickly, you cannot expect potential buyers to “fix up” the house, selling it “as is”. In today’s market, it is cheaper to fix a few things than take a great loss on the selling price. While fixing things, give the home a more contemporary look by replacing old kitchen and bathroom fixtures, cabinet knobs, ceiling light fixtures, and so on. Remove wallpaper, mirrored walls, and paneling from bygone eras, replacing them with painted walls.

Tip 2)
Environmentally Friendly. With energy costs on the rise and people taking a new interest in the environment, many buyers are looking for environmentally friendly features without having to incur the upfront costs. Be sure to ask the professional stager for some ideas on adding such features. Some inexpensive things you can do are to add energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs, replacing the wasteful incandescent bulbs. Put a compost bin in the backyard and filters on faucets. Ensure your realtor points out the energy efficient, yellow stickers on the hot water heater and furnace.

Tip 3)
Professional Staging. Consider having your homes for sale professionally staged. I watched a show a few months ago, where a professional decorator not only restaged the interior of the home but also the second floor deck. Where the deck was once an uninviting, Spartan area with a couple of folding chairs, it became a warm, cozy and inviting retreat. It had wooden benches with soft cushions lining the deck rails, a copper fire pit (kept lit during showings for ambience), wooden end tables, large floor plants in every corner, plants hanging from the new lattice deck overhang. At the open house after being relisted, everyone liked the interior but fell in love with the deck. It sold within a month, after having sit for months at its original listing.

Tip 4)
Check Online Listings. According to Errol Samuelson, president of, more than 80 percent of potential homes for sale buyers check online listings. That means you have more exposure for your homes for sale, if your realtor has it posted on a popular real estate web site. Samuelson says that listings with at least six great photos of the homes for sale and a video tour get 300 percent more online viewers. The more viewers who see your homes for sale, the more buyer interest is generated. The more buyer interest, the faster your home will sell. Ensure you are taking advantages of this technology for your homes for sale.

Note: Many homes for sale owners are pricing their homes at last year’s prices, while potential buyers are looking for better deals. Unfortunately, the current housing market is supporting the buyers, not the sellers. You must be realistic when pricing your chino hills homes for sale, or your diamond bar homes for sale, or your homes for sale in any real estate market.

Lastly, listen to the advice from your local real estate agent, since he/she has the pulse of the current market. If necessary, check out current listings in your area for comparison. In the end, if your homes for sale is priced too high, it will not sell.

Here are some current examples of homes for sale, for example:

Real Estate in Chino Hills

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Re: How to better prepare homes for sale

Post  Alben5 on Fri Jul 15, 2011 10:52 pm

Its again great tips for every one here,I have the same idea as I often use and share the idea about interior design,It really makes the difference and such simple work will lead you to good profit.

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